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We are a family owned business. We prepare our food from the finest freshest ingredients and offer delicious pizza pan and thin crust pizza in Chicago. We differentiate from the rest by fusing Chicago old style pizza with a thin crust mixture of New York Style pizza. Our priority is to make clients have a pleasant meal. We do this by ensuring that we cover all the smallest details from the moment they enter until the moment they leave. Live or work in West Town? Call us or order by click and we deliver your favorite pizza pan, thin crust pizza, or pizza by the slice  very quickly.




In the past it was believed that pizza was not too healthy food. Pizza was often associated with fast foodmeals such as hamburgers and french fries. This association is erroneous, because pizza can be a very healthy food.

One of the basic ingredients of pizza is tomato recipes. Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful natural antioxidant. Lycopene is known to help fight various cancers. Studies have shown that people who eat pizza at least once a week were less likely to develop colon cancer, mouth or stomach and lungs. It is known that lycopene is very effective in the fight against prostate cancer. The research has proved that regular consumption of pizza decrease the chances of developing esophageal cancer by almost 95%.

The tomato is the main ingredient of pizza recipes that fight against cancer. Also studies have shown that processed tomatoes such as the tomato sauce pizza or pasta with a higher content of lycopene than fresh tomatoes. Because during processing tomatoes, water content evaporates leaving behind a higher concentration of antioxidant.

Tomato sauce is extremely healthy, therefore it is healthy as pizza. But there are other toppings that can support healthy eating. Onions are rich in chromium, vitamin C and fiber. Onions help power blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. It is beneficial to bones and fight tumors. Black olives are another healthy ingredient present in many pizza recipes. Olives contain substances that reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol. Red pepper is also often used to make pizza and is very tasty and full of vitamin C, A and B6.

Another ingredient is healthy pizza dough. The dough is a source of antioxidants, and using certain cooking techniques the concentration of antioxidants in the dough can be increased.

Add other healthy ingredients is easy. A vegetarian pizza with less cheese is very healthy. So get a great taste, healthy ingredients without any fat associated with meat and various cheeses. If you still want to include the meat topping, add the ease and carefree grilled chicken. Grille chicken brings many health benefits and has a great taste.



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